5 Best Apps for Fitness Junkies

The fact that we are living in the 21st century automatically means that we can incorporate technology in almost anything. Today, it is possible to use technology to enhance our workout routines and help us stay fit and healthy. It is possible to use Health and Fitness apps to workout hence giving you absolutely no reason to not workout. The app stores are equipped with all sorts of apps ranging from heart rate monitors to waterproof gizmos which can be incorporated in a workout routine to enhance efficiency. In this piece, we are going to highlight some of the best apps that are currently available in app store.


This free app once topped the Health and Fitness download list which goes to show you just how effective and popular this app was. The app works in such a way that it counts the levels of your calories, sets your ideal weight loss goals and measure your workouts. The fact that the app allows you to see your progress and gives you a projection of what to expect from both your eating and exercise routine makes it a must have tool.


Daily Yoga

In the recent past, Yoga has been creating quite a buzzword and it is only fair that an app was developed for individuals who are keen on their Yoga. This is a perfect app for individuals who do not have the time to visit a Yoga studio but are still interested in Yoga. The app boasts of having more than 300 poses, HD video and audio instructions that should carry you through your home Yoga session. With the app providing you with different fitness levels, goals and an opportunity to interact with your fellow yogis in a community, there is absolutely no reason not to practice Yoga.

daily yoga app


Available for both the Android and iOS platforms, RunKeeper is a top fitness app that helps you to track your bike or run. It achieves this by tracking how far you went, the route you used and the duration of your run. The app is equipped with a dashboard which allows you to have a clear look at your historical activities and monitor your progress as you work out.



The app works more or less like the RunKeeper. The only different is that Nike+ has the backing of one of the largest shoe manufactures in the world. The app is designed for the iOS platform and offers the user with GPS, pace tracking, a timer for both short and long distance running, a pedometer, a music player and a calorie counter.



Are you after endurance in your workout routine? This is the app you need to get as it helps record your activity with the help of a GPS device. Once the data is recorded, it can then be uploaded for comparison sakes. The app introduces you to a community of friends where you can compare your progress with them.


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